The Master's Room Monthly Munch - 24/3/17 - Vacuum Cupping & Wax Play

Last weeks munch was amazing! We had probably around double the amount of people attend this munch! Must have been a wanted theme!

As usual we started off just by everyone getting comfortable and getting to know everyone who was there, we had quite a few munch newbies which was nice, so we had a quick brief on etiquette and rules of our munch.

We then moved on to vacuum cupping, we brought out a rather impressive 12 piece vacuum cupping set and we went through the basics of best placement for cupping and the safety of how long to leave it on for and what signs to look out for incase of damage to the subject as well as how to remove a cup if the vacuum release valve fails. We did some lovely demonstrations of cupping on general areas like Julian’s back, and Jessica’s arm and nipple, as well as a few willing volunteers who wanted to see what cupping felt like on different areas of their body.

Everyone who gave it a go commented that it was a strange but pleasurable pressure in the area they had the cup placed. It was also impressive to watch the skin raise into the cup with each pump of the vacuum!

We the moved onto wax play, we went through the best candles for wax play, what to avoid (scented/coloured candles, the melting points of basic candles etc), where to place the wax and where not to place it! and of course basic fire safety and what to keep in reach in case of emergency! We then discussed the best ways to get the desired effect during wax play, including how to use the height of the candle and the angle of the flame, and the best way to introduce it to your partner etc! We had a few brave volunteers who fancied a go at wax play and all of them enjoyed the experience and some beautiful wax artwork was created on some! ( Was a mighty clean up the morning after though! So much wax on the floor! )

We also had some great tips from one or two who had attended the event who had wax play experience which we will all remember for next time!

All in all we all had a great night, everybody learnt something new (including myself!) and we got to meet some awesome new friends!

We hope to see all those who came again soon, and hopefully some of you reading this now will join us next time? ;-)

Miss Jessica


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