The Masters Room Monthly Munch & Play - Electrostimulation 101 - Friday 17/11/2017

The Masters Room Monthly Munch & Play - Electrostimulation 101

Electrostimulation 101

Friday, November 17, 2017 · 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Join us on a night of discovery as we comprehensively cover the erotic art of Electrostimulation and Electro Sex. One of the most direct and intense forms of pleasure the body can receive, electro play is the direct stimulation of the nerve endings and has applications in both the bedroom and dungeon alike. Join electrosex expert Brad as he runs through the massive variety of play that can be experienced, from intense pulses to delicious waves as well as completely unique features like the “Flick” mode which turns your electrodes into an electro-whip! Explore partner to partner play as every kiss, caress or spank can be supercharged with electrostimulation and discover the huge array of accessories available, from probes to clamps and cock-play to on-skin toys.

Be prepared for an evening of pure delight because the power we’re supplying truly is electrifying!

New to our Munches:

We are very pleased to announce that Ms. Primrose Quimper (Prim-Quim-Artist on Fetlife) will be here helping us at our munches including this coming event on Friday 17th Nov.

Prim is a fetish photographer and sex therapist with a clinic here in Canterbury. Prim hopes that lots of people who are new to BDSM, those who are returning to Kink or those who are adventurous explorers of their sexuality will make contact and come along to meet us, feel welcome and have some fun at our very friendly gathering. The munches are a good place to meet people with varying levels of experience and confidence, you can have a little play and try out new things as we bring in experts to teach different aspects of BDSM and Kinky play.

If you are new or shy please contact us or Prim for a chat so that we can look out for you at the munch and introduce you to the group. We all look forward to getting to know you soon.

Dress Code:

Anything you feel comfortable in, no full nudity - Read rules

Future Events:

If you guys have any ideas for the next theme either next month or in the future please feel free to contact us with those ideas! we are up to try most things ;-)
6:30pm until 9.30pm. Takes place in our shop for a nice relaxed feel. (you will find location on our Website, Facebook, Google+ or Fetlife pages.)


It's our great pleasure and huge amounts of thanks to have the night hosted by a member of the fetish scene as we would like a group designed for those interested or wishing to try maybe a little spanking or some of the other new products we have in store in a calm, safe and friendly atmosphere where you can all relax without having to mind who over hears your conversation.
Also one of the other main objectives for our meeting is to provide a setting where people do not feel intimidated and can ask any questions freely about what they like or maybe curious about. Plus we could all learn something new or maybe an unusual fetish you might like to try?
Our Meeting is different from other clubs/munches as it is set in our shop environment where there are fully trained staff to assist you, maybe offer some advice on a new product or maybe some tips for a different way of using a product so you get the maximum pleasure from it? Our staff are always happy to help you with products you already own or you are thinking about purchasing, please don't feel shy as we would not be here for you if we offended easily :)
Dress code is whatever you feel comfortable in, you can dress casual, smart or go as over the top as you like (but please no birthday suits)
Cameras and photos are not allowed, You may speak with us regarding taking photos but this may or may not be granted, please do not feel offended if we say no.
Here comes the boring bit - THE RULES
I know Rules are meant for breaking but we would appreciate not having the embarrassment for you, us and also the other guests when you're asked to leave.
The meetings are not designed for picking up partners, it is designed for like minded people to get together and enjoy good company, chance to grab some supplies at a discount and get to meet new friends.
Remember that this is a vanilla event – so please remember to act appropriately. You shouldn’t come to a meeting trying to act Dominant or submissive, be yourself.
If people are unsure of your role they will ask. Also, it’s ok if you don’t know your role yet, you’re new and exploring so don’t be afraid to tell people that.
While not a munch specific rule it is one of ours which you must abide please and that is don’t touch anyone (in any way) without their consent.
You will often hear kinksters asking if they may hug each other – we are all friendly people for the most part, but we also have respect for each others bodily autonomy – please always ask before touching anyone anywhere, even if you think it’s an innocent touch.
Not many more I promise just a few DON'TS and then we done!
No full nudity
No sexual activity
No bare feet
No blood play
No take-down play
No harassment of other patrons
No drugs, no excessive drinking
Anybody who wishes to be involved in the demonstrations/play must not drink prior to the event. You may drink after all demonstrations are complete.
No cameras unless consent has been given.
So all in all to sum it up is we want you to come along and have fun, but please behave appropriately towards other members in the group, our staff, our customers and respect all items/furniture in the shop if being tested.
Just some simple manners and common sense at an event is all we want just as it would be at any other event or show, if unsure about something ask the organiser, and if you do make a mistake and it’s pointed out, don’t get offended, just own your mistake, apologise and enjoy the rest of the evening.
Last but not least remember that this is a BDSM event, it is NOT a swingers club.
So now that's out the way, we can get on with looking forward to you all being here :)
Julian, Gemma & Prim XxXx

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