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“Millions of people enjoy LELO, it’s just sometimes the best luxuries you keep to yourself.”

- Filip Sedic (Founder)

  LELO is a world-renowned Swedish intimate lifestyle company, known for their sophisticated, luxury, high-end designer sex toys. The award winning adult sex toy company is the world’s leading brand for intimate lifestyle and acquired this title by producing high quality, visually pleasing and innovative products. All of LELO’s products come in a smart looking box with various extras, including an instruction manual.

Product Range

La Boudoir Boutique carries a range of LELO’s finest products including the bestsellers, ‘MONA 2’, a smoothly curved G-spot vibrator, and the dual-action ‘INA 2’ rabbit vibrator. The classic ‘IRIS’ vibrator, with sculpted ridges for maximum pleasure, and the ‘MIA 2’, a stylish lipstick vibrator with USB Charging, discreet and small enough to fit comfortably in any handbag, are also featured in store. LELO toys are available in different vibrant, sophisticated colours. The ‘SORAYA’, part of LELO’s Intima range, is another dual-action vibrator, providing intense, simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris. The exclusive toy is flexible, adjusting to any body type and uses only the highest quality materials.

Featured LELO Product

LELOVisit La Boudoir Boutique in Canterbury to get a demonstration of LELO’s innovative ‘Smart Wand’, an all-over body massager featuring the sophisticated SenseTouch™ technology, that will sooth any aches and offer fast and pleasurable relief from tension.

Product Range Continued

EDUr0_T4zw-f8qjqjewdxFhRz-85cYsco4jqepi3OeELELO also features products specifically designed for couples. The essential ‘NOA’ massager for couples allows for vibrating sharing pleasure. Using a SenseTouch™ remote control, the ‘TIANI 2’ is worn by the woman to bring sensual pleasure to both partners. Slightly differently, the ‘LYLA 2’ is a high-end bullet vibrator that is also remote controlled, allowing one partner to be in control of the other’s pleasure. Especially designed for men to wear is LELO’s ‘TOR 2’, the first rechargeable, waterproof couple’s cock ring, meant to be worn during lovemaking to create maximum pleasure for both. The popular ‘LUNA BEADS’ kegel weights come in two colours and are available in two sizes to bring optimum pleasure. La Boudoir Boutique features these bestselling beads as well as the premium ‘HULA BEADS’ which are remote controlled to vibrate and rotate at the same time for a never before experienced pleasure. In our Canterbury shop, we also carry LELO accessories, such as the ‘SUTRA CHAINLINK CUFFS’ made of the highest quality silk and suede or the delightful and beautiful ‘INTIMA SILK BLINDFOLD’. Go above and beyond with the ‘INDULGE ME PLEASURE SET’ available at La Boudoir Boutique that includes a variety of premium LELO products. The luxurious ‘Intima Silk Blindfold’, a lovely ‘Tantra Feather Teaser’ and the gorgeous ‘Noa’ couples’ massager are included in this sensational set. Visit La Boudoir Boutique to acquire your very own luxurious, high-end, maximum quality LELO product that is so stunning in its aesthetics that one might confuse it with a piece of art.   [mwi-product sku="ss-lelo1597,ss-N8437,ss-lelo1692,ss-Lelo7911,ss-Lelo7533,ss-Lelo8304" desc="false" img_width="300" type="add" btn_color="red" btn_link="button" cols="3" ]