Rouge Garments Luxury Collection

[title size="1"]Rouge Garments Luxury Collection[/title] Rouge Garments

"We have specific quality assurance personnel following industry leading procedures which will ensure your total satisfaction which is furthermore backed up with our 100% quality satisfaction guarantee."

  Rouge Garments are award winning manufacturers of luxurious leather garments. The European company was recently established and uses only the highest quality leathers, specifically chosen by their head buyers from trusted tanneries. [title size="2"]Product Range[/title] La Boudoir Boutique is thrilled to announce that we are carrying a 'Rouge Garments Luxury' collection. Restraints, spanking tools, masks and harnesses and more in finest, luxurious brown leather. [title size="3"]Spanking Tools[/title] Rouge Garments Luxurious leather from top to bottom. The Rouge Garments Leather H-Style Flogger (RFH1035) with a shorter handle and leather hand loop makes a gorgeous addition to this luxury collection. A beautifully crafted leather Riding Crop (RCR1010) with a hand braided shaft. This stunning crop will turn anyone into a riding enthusiast. Love the feel of leather on bare skin? Then the Rouge Garments double sided leather spanking Paddle (RP1016) is just for you. Stunning brown leather on one side and beautiful black leather on the other. The Paddle measures 3'' across and is 13'' long - this classic is a must have for spanking lovers. [title size="3"]Collars & Lead[/title] Rouge Garments A brown leather hand loop with a brassy looking chain and a trigger hook on the end to attach this high quality Lead (RL1017) to any collar and be in complete control. Rouge Garment manufactures different kinds of stunning collars that are sturdy, yet comfortable for the wearer. The collars have buckles for adjustable fitting, as well as a removable O-Ring. Carrying on the trend of deep brown leather, the Plain Collar (RHC1049) has a wider fit than the Studded Collar (ROS1090) that features riveted studs. [title size="3"]Cuffs[/title] Rouge Garments Going perfectly with the Rouge Garments collars are the Wrist Cuffs (RHC1045) and the Ankle Cuffs (RHA1046), made of exquisite brown leather, with fully adjustable buckle straps. A vintage looking double trigger hook chain connects to a D-Ring on both cuffs. The chain can easily be removed making this cuffs versatile for all kinds of exciting restraint play. [title size="3"]Gags[/title] Rouge Garments Be rendered speechless with the high quality, genuine leather gags by Rouge Garments. Both the O-Ring Gag (ROR1014) with a metal O-Ring, and the Ball Gag (RBG1013) that comes with a black rubber ball, feature stunning brown leather buckle straps that are adjustable to meet your personal needs. [title size="3"]Eye Masks[/title] Rouge Garments   Heighten your other senses by taking away your sight with the gorgeous brown leather Blindfold Eye Mask (RBF1011), or add a sense of mystery to your sensual play with the Rouge Garments Open Eye Mask (ROE1022), also in exquisite brown leather. Both eye masks come with an elasticated strap to fit all sizes comfortably. [title size="3"]Harness[/title] The classic strap on harness - comfortable to wear and easy to use. This brown leather harness comes with a 40 mm O-Ring, that is interchangeable with snap buttons, making this harness extra versatile. Feel sexy wearing this high quality leather female Dildo Harness (RFDH004) and be amazed by its comfort.