Is it safe to order online?

You can use the La Boudoir Boutique website for browsing and shopping with absolute confidence, knowing that we will keep any and all of your details secure to OUR side using SSL encryption.

How can you tell if our site is secure?

To secure the safety of your shopping experience, we utilise a number of leading, top technologies. During our online ordering process, we use the highest form of credit / Dedit Card encryption software through our 128 bit Secure Socket Layer, to ensure that your personal details are absolutely protected.

SSL Explained:

1. A browser attempts to connect to a website secured with SSL.
2. The browser requests that the web server identify itself.
3. The server sends the browser a copy of its SSL Certificate.
4. The browser checks whether it trusts the SSL Certificate. If so, it sends a message to the server.
5. The server sends back a digitally signed acknowledgement to start an SSL encrypted session.
6. Encrypted data is shared between the browser and the server.

Furthermore, after your order has been processed securely, your details are dissolved automatically.