La Boudoir Boutique VIP Club

Here at La Boudoir Boutique we love you so much, we could kiss you! And so we will, with our Loyalty Scheme, where you can earn Kiss! Points for being a loyal customer. All you need to get started is to either pick up your LBB Loyalty Card in the boutique, or fill out the form below and receive your card in the post or pick it up from the store.

How to earn our Kisses!

- To break the ice, you will receive 500 Kiss! Points worth £5 just for signing up. These points can be redeemed right away for purchases over £20
- With every shopping spree, you earn Kiss! Points. These points add up in your account, available for you to redeem during any future purchases.
- Make us happy by making a purchase and we will give you Kiss! Points, free for you to spend on all the gorgeous things at La Boudoir Boutique.

For every £1 you spend, you gain 4 fabulous Kiss! Points. 500 kisses are worth £5. The more you spend, the more Kiss! Points you receive. And who doesn’t love a lot of kisses?

During ‘French Kiss Nights’ at La Boudoir Boutique, Loyalty Card holders can earn double the Kiss! Points or receive juicy discounts, that will leave you drooling for more. Also keep your eyes peeled on our Little Black Book, to double up your points with exclusive vouchers.

Spending Your Kiss! Points

The Kiss! Points can be earned and used on absolutely anything in the store, just make sure you present your Loyalty Card when you make the purchase.

To redeem kisses, check how many Kiss! Points you have earned (we keep a record of your Kiss! Points in store) and what their value is and have that amount knocked off your purchase. Minimum spend is £20.

What are you waiting for? Join our Loyalty Scheme now and let the kissing begin…

Terms and Conditions

Kiss! Points can only be earned in purchased when no Kiss! Points are being redeemed. So while you earn kisses, you can’t be spending them. Simple as that.
We have full and absolute authority to regulate Kiss! Points in the Loyalty Scheme. In case of multiple accounts or refund issues, your points may be modified accordingly. Same applies if there has been an error with the account or if we have reason to suspect a fraudulent account.
During special nights and offers, double the Kiss! Points can be earned on a minimum spend of £50.
Kiss! Points can only be redeemed at La Boudoir Boutique and no cash refund can be offered on returned items bought with Kiss! Points.
One Kiss! Point is worth £0.01.